PhenQ Reviews – Understanding The Various Facets

PhenQ Reviews

Modern age is the age where machines do most of the hard labor that was previously physical labor of the mankind. Apart from it stress, anxiety, unhappiness, an extremely fast pace of life has made us more acceptable to packaged food, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, smoking and all kinds of fast and junk foods.

Barely a percentage of people actually hit the gym and are disciplined of their fitness regime. Consequently obesity is the most concerning and burning global health issues.

To capitalize and provide an easy and readily available solution, various brands have bombarded the market with diet pills, weight loss supplements and diet supplements.

While most are touted to be made of substances that require medical prescription or made of natural substances exhibiting little to no results, there is one weight loss supplement that has clearly impressed many – The PhenQ weight loss dietary supplement produced by Bauer Nutrition.

While it has been in the market for a relatively short span of time, but the success rate that it has left behind has been impressive. Broadly advertised as inculcating the power of multiple weight loss supplements, it incorporates three way actions on the body to control weight and yield spectacular results. Let’s understand everything that is to be understood about it.

What is PhenQ?

With some interesting and unusual natural ingredients, PhenQ is actually an evolved weight loss supplement with natural ingredients was effects are similar to the Phentermine drug, but without its harmful effects and is a legal and safe alternative to the drug. It is a patent formula.

The dietary supplement has the same research as is behind the prescription Phentermine medication and thus it markets itself popularly as ‘Phen-alternative’.  Another distinguished feature about the pill is that like other diet pills in the market, it lacks abundant stimulants. The sole stimulant present in it is caffeine which is equivalent to the amount present in one and a half cup of coffee.

Characteristics of the working of PhenQ

The working action is different from others in that it inculcates three distinct weight management component fused as one. It helps you suppress the hunger pangs, improve the body’s metabolism as well as train and condition the body to use burn calories in productive ways and prevent them from being stored away as fats.

Its approach to weight loss is holistic and strategic. While suppressing the hunger pangs, it does not leave the person dizzy, weak or irritated like other weight loss supplements. Some of the key highlight points to be noted are:-

  • It burns stored fat to reveal the hidden, gorgeous and healthier body within.
  • It suppresses appetite without any side effects to help you control your calorie intake.
  • It increases the metabolic activity of the body and prevents it from storing fat within itself which consequently stops weight gain.
  • It also enhances the mood levels along with energy levels to make the path of weight loss an easier path to tread.
  • The formula is extremely high quality produced under strict laboratory conditions in the US and UK in GMP and FDA approved facilities.

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How does PhenQ actually work?

The target area of this supplement is to trigger the body’s heat-producing or thermogenic process. Since this inevitably requires additional energy, the body increases the rate of metabolism as well as converting stored fats into energy. Thus it leaves the person ingesting this dietary supplement energetic and revitalized while simultaneously losing body fat. As stated above it works in three ways to ensure a successful and healthy weight loss regime.

Being formulated with a special formula and all natural ingredients, it is completely safe. Additionally, the supplement pays heed to the topmost bane of any dieter- increased hunger due to a higher metabolic rate. The phenq formulation has ingredients which suppress sugar and carbohydrates cravings, thereby curbing your appetite.

What’s inside the PhenQ weight loss supplement?

While the brand claims the formulation to be made of all natural ingredients, its key hallmark and distinguishing ingredient is its patented secret ingredient, ‘α-Lacys Reset’.

It is this ingredient which imparts the dietary supplement its unique three-way action.

However, the company refused to provide any insight into what exactly ‘α-Lacys Reset’ is. Apart from it, the other ingredients present in it are:-

  • Calcium Carbonate– After the secret ingredient, the principle ingredient present is calcium carbonate at a whopping 625mg per serving. While the benefit and importance of calcium for bones and teeth is no secret, not many are aware of the role of calcium in weight loss. Recent studies indicate that calcium can actually discourage the body to store fat by sending signals of a well-nourished body to the brain. Consequently, instead of craving foods for energy requirements, the body actually burns its own stored fat to meet the energy requirements.
  • Capsimax Powder– It is present at about 15.5 mg per serving. Apart from capsicum powder as its main ingredient, it has a potent and unique blend of caffeine, black pepper or Piperine, caffeine, and Vitamin B3 complex, niacin. Both capsicum and black pepper are known to exhibit thermogenic properties which are the way of functioning of this PhenQ dietary supplement. The capsicum powder is also known as a panacea for stomach upsets and thus the main function of the capsicum powder is to mitigate stomach related negative side-effects like nausea and vomiting.
  • Caffeine– A very common ingredient in most weight loss supplements, owing to its stimulating properties; it is present in this formulation as well at 142.5 mg per serving. By blocking adenosine, the natural compound inducing drowsiness, caffeine increases the alertness of the body; helps fight the inevitable diet fatigue, stimulate the nervous system and positively affect the mood and body’s coordination and cognitive abilities.
  • Chromium Picolinate– Present at 10 mcg, per serving, it is a mineral required in trace amounts by the body and present in vegetables, meat, and whole grains. Ever since the 1950s, its benefit was established as playing a vital role in regulating the body’s glucose levels through stimulation of the sensitivity of insulin receptors which is terrific for those suffering from diabetes. Regarding its dietary advantages, Chromium is known to keep the sugar and carbohydrate cravings under check, mostly by controlling blood sugar levels. Chromium mineral promotes the cells to absorb maximum sugar, thereby reducing your cravings and helping you lose weight. It is known to be particularly effective in people suffering from depression.
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate- It is a naturally occurring amino acid mostly present in green vegetables, red meat, and nuts. Here it is present at 150 mg per serving. Its function is to assist the body in using stored fat to energy, thereby leaving you more energized and less obese. It also helps in combating tiredness that is a natural outcome of taking limited diet.
  • Nopal- Present as 20 mg per serving, it is a cactus with high fiber content along with appetite-suppressing properties. Loaded with amino acids, it helps flush out excess fluids from the body, thereby assisting in weight loss. Its fiber content reduces the hunger pangs while it’s another component, pectin aids in decreasing the absorption of sugars to maintain blood sugar levels.

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The manufacturer Bauer Nutrition advises two pills a day. One should be taken at breakfast and another at lunch. They do not recommend taking it after 3 pm since it may interfere with peaceful and restful sleep. Additionally, since the pill has caffeine, the company cautions on reducing consumption of caffeinated products.

Advantages of PhenQ

The body tends to save extra calories as fats for later use as well as to protect the organs by cushioning them.

However, in people who are stressed or in the habit of skipping meals, the body goes into hibernate mode and tries to prevent food scarcity by accumulating more fat thereby making the situation more complicated and actually harming the body.

The PhenQ supplement counteracts this body’s mentality and convinces it of being well nourished. This helps in reducing hunger pangs and keeps the body relaxed.

The supplement’s mood enhancing ingredients easily curb and eliminate the tiredness, weakness, and irritability that come with low consumption of food. It also encourages the body to burn stored fats. Thus, one does not feel the heat of dieting as one may feel with other dietary supplements.

Though many other dietary supplements also perform similar functions, you are required to take a minimum of two capsules, twice a day for best results. In contrast, and in a truly separating way, one is required to consume just a single pill of PhenQ twice a day with no doctor’s prescription required. Thus its single bottle lasts twice as much as the other bottles.

People suffering from weight loss have either a metabolic issue, appetite issue or a mood issue which is the major culprit of weight gain. It is difficult to ascertain as to what is genuinely causing the issue. Most dietary supplements act on one or two of these reasons.

However, PhenQ acts on all three reasons, thus overcoming all possible hurdles and achieve spectacular results. You are neither required to give up your favorite food or put in above the board efforts to lose weight. Moreover, the brand is so confident of it that they give you a 15-day money back guarantee anywhere you are located in case you are not satisfied with the product.

It is not only easy to use, but it is also accompanied with free shipping and sizeable multi-purchasing savings which enhance the cost-effectiveness of the supplement. Who can complain about that?

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What to expect with PhenQ 

Like any other dietary supplements, PhenQ is no magic supplements and show its results gradually and over time. After continued use, it soon helps the person to lose weight permanently. Going by the standards, the fat-burner PhenQ can help anyone lose 3-5 pounds per week without requiring any extra hard work at the gym or any possible side effects. The pill should be taken regularly for about three months, minimum for satisfying results.

Possible side effects

Due to authentic natural ingredients, PhenQ will not cause any serious side-effects. However, minor side effects can manifest, predominantly due to the presence of calcium carbonate. These can be constipation, gas, headache and mental confusion, nausea/vomiting, headache, thirst, anxiety and jittery feeling, itchiness etc. However, these generally fade over time. If they do not, it’s best to consult a doctor and discontinue if required.

A word of caution

Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding their child and people below the age of eighteen are prohibited from taking this medicine as it could prove dangerous. It is also highly recommended that people with pre-medical conditions should actually consult with their doctors before actually going on this dietary supplement to avoid any complications.


PhenQ has the certification of approval as a ‘Doctor Trusted Website’ which any potential customer can check for one-selves at the supplement’s website.

Additionally, its manufacturer Bauer Nutrition is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified which assures consumers of the product formulated under hygienic conditions with no risk of contaminants.

Its website is also secure and certified on security for people to punch in their sensitive card information with no trepidation.

The manufacturer claims its premises to be FDA approved though this does not mean that the dietary supplement is FDA approved. Due to its total natural contents, PhenQ does not require FDA approval.

Final Verdict

Available online only on its website, you need to fill out a form and have it delivered at your doorstep anywhere around the globe. The customer testimonials received about it has been extremely positive and encouraging.

Thus, even while the markets are flooded with weight management pills and supplements, PhenQ definitely stands apart with its comprehensive three-way action and is a highly recommended dietary supplement for all those who are serious about losing weight. With mostly benefits and advantages and very few flip sides, it is definitely the first choice towards a slim and fit body.